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Chuck Norris doesn’t mow his lawn. He simply stands outside and dares it to grow. Fortunately for the rest of us, there’s Miller’s Synthetic Turf!

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Miller's Synthetic Turf
& Putting Greens

We are one of Northern California’s largest turf installers serving the greater Sacramento and Bay areas. Our business model is simple: offer only the most advanced synthetic turf products, installed by the hardest working installers known to man.

Once installed, Miller’s artificial turf products are virtually zero-maintenance providing years of beauty and fun for your home and family - no Chuck Norris required. Miller’s has been solely focused on installing turf since 2010 and we have millions of square feet under our belt!

Property owners just like you are switching to artificial grass, because it has the same look and feel as nature’s beauty but without the cost and headache of keep-up. Join thousands of California residents who are now switching to artificial grass.

The benefits are endless…

  • Reduces your water bill
  • Cuts landscaping expenses
  • Contributes to helping preserve California's water reserves
  • Is eco-friendly
  • Get zero-down financing with low interest rates

Highest Quality Artificial Turf Products

We stand by a firm principle: “Only offer the very best synthetic grass products available.” We stuck to our plan and partnered with the best manufacturing leaders in the artificial grass lawn industry. Our exclusive relationship lets us offer to customers only the varieties of synthetic grass products that meet the highest standard in artificial turf manufacture, longevity and durability — this provides our customer peace of mind along with our industry-leading warranty. 

These synthetic turf products are completely lead-free and come with environmental benefits that have been well documented throughout the years. Along with those clear benefit from no longer mowing or fertilizing, our synthetic turf installations will save the average homeowners a massive 56,000 GAL of water a year. We are proud affiliates of the Environmental Protection Agency’s ‘Greenscapes’ program and the U.S. Green Building Council.

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